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My name is Marilyn Bouza, owner of Paradise for Paws, Inc. I decided to open this business after many friends and neighbors urged me to start a pet sitting service. They didn’t want to leave their best friend in a kennel or a cage while they were away on vacation.

They felt if they were going on vacation their best friend needed to have excellent care and be happy while the owners were away. I had the passion and the love to raise dogs, cats, horses and many other pets all my life. I have always been surrounded by animals and have respected and loved them as part of my family, to me they are my kids. My goal is to devote my time to care for them because their love is I‘ve worked with horses since the age of 10, working in the barn to earn my lessons and shows.

I entered many competition and showed horses since I was 7 years old. I decided to move to Tampa to work with one of the top Horse Trainers in Florida to trained American Saddlebred horses. My trainer said I had a gift, that I could speak to the Animals. After a long period away from home, many horse shows all over the United States, many hours of very hard work, I decided I wanted to be close to home.

I decided to work with a Veterinarian so I could be surrounded by Animals. I secured several position as a vet tech in highly productive clinics. I learned to do IV catheters, x-rays, give meds, injections, monitor anesthesia, and assist in all types of surgeries. I also worked in dog training and pet sitting facilities with about 30 dogs per day.

I’ve worked raising birds and feeding babies birds till they were weaned. I observed their behavior and personalities and love to spend time playing and teaching them. I feel the love I give all
animals and the time I give them comes back to me, we understand each other. I have experience with large animals and small ones, with sick one and healthy pets. My impeccable reputation and experience speaks for itself and I have many long term references in the community.

This is why I decided to open my own place and give the community and clients a professional Pet Sitting Service, which will provide love and care for their pets while the owners are away. I am a true professional with the Passion, knowledge and more than anything LOVE, to provide the very best care for your Pet, as they are your Family member.

nancyMy name is Nancy Pire, I work for Paradise for Paws, Inc. part time. My daughter Marilyn Bouza is the owner. It’s a family run business so we provide the care and love your pet deserves and you expect. Our house was always full of animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, flying squirrels, you named them my daughter had them.

Her love for horses, dogs and cats was so great she was always surrounded by them which made me surrounded by them too. They were considered part of our family. They traveled with us because we would not leave them in a kennel. I have seen the love and care she gives them the special gift she has to understand them. We are always greeted and loved on good days or bad days the moment we walked in the door their tails wagging and loving us, it’s unconditional love.

I am a full time employee of the Palm Beach School District and have been with the district for 27 years. I worked in schools for many years and at the district office. I decided to give my daughter some help as I also love animals and enjoy caring for them too. I am a single mother of two that has worked very hard to raise two wonderful kids that are now grown and on their own.

I have a wonderful granddaughter that has the same love for animals that we do. We started this business as we saw a need for better Pet Sitting Service. We couldn’t understand how
people could go on vacation and leave their pets in kennels to be fed and taken out for a walk and back into the kennel or a cage. We wanted to provide them with Love and Care while the family was away on vacation.

With the experience and the references we have you will feel safe leaving your pets with us. We are a team with the Passion, knowledge and more than anything LOVE, to provide the very best care for your Pet, as a Family member to you and to us.

Bio Pic Michael
Michael Smith is a College Student at Palm Beach State University, to become a Music Educator. I have been working for Paradise for Paws since May of 2017.

I have a High School Diploma from Santaluces High School. I’m working on his Bachelor’s degree. I worked as a chef during High School at Palm Beach International Raceway. After the Raceway he worked as an accountant with a few companies.

I was in the band for Santaluces playing a wide variety of instruments. I participated in a group of Instrumental bands that played around the West Palm area. I have done community work with his local animal shelter.