Meet Our Staff

Marilyn (Owner)

My background started in my teens with the love I have for horses and animals, I’ve had just about any pet you can think of from flying squirrel to parakeet but my love were horses. I worked and trained horses for many years and compete in many competitions. I also worked as a vet tech for a few vets in the area and learned so much from them. Through the years I found the need for a cage free environment for our fury friends and decided to open a pet sitting business 8 yrs ago. I love what I do and devote my time to my fury friends. I own 3 dogs and one horse but feel all my fury clients are mine too. 


Ever since I was a little kid I gravitated to learning about animals. I always thought I wanted to be a veterinarian until, I realized how hard that path would be. However, I did not let that stop me from chasing my dreams! I love working with dogs, cats, reptiles, and birds. I currently have all of the above as pets except for a cat. 


I’m currently a student at FAU and I love to take care of animals. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats so I’m use to a busy house. 


I am a US Navy Veteran with a Master’s Degree in Psychology. I am currently working on my second Bachelor’s in Animal Behavior so that I can follow my passion working with animals and provide you and your animals the best care possible. I have grown up around animals my whole life, to include breeding and showing Scottish Folds and showing horses in Western Pleasure and Showmanship and Halter. I absolutely love working with animals and have several of my own. I have a 2 year old Labrador Retriever named Skye, an 11 year old Maltipoo named Leo, a 1.5 year old cat, named Charlie and two guinea pigs, Frankie and Harley. There is nothing more gratifying than giving animals a life they deserve and you can be certain that yours will be treated like part of the family.